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By Veronica Carrillo

You might be surprised just who actually allows trading shares of companies being traded with shares as low as penny stock values. There are corporate giants with brick and mortar retail offices allowing this practice. Most brokerage firms you see in television commercials allow you to buy and sell shares of penny stocks, otherwise known as small cap stocks, pink sheet and OTC stocks.

But how to choose the best Penny Stock brokers? There is a lot of options out there. And you should choose the right one to fit your personal criteria of what all you need in a brokerage firm.

One of the ways a day trader would try and pinpoint a short term trend in a stock's price is to study the moving average for the price. When the price rises above the moving average, the trader would see it as an indication of a new trend starting and therefore buy the stock. Although long term traders sometimes also utilize indicators such as the moving average to reach a buying decision, they normally concentrate on what they call fundamental issues before deciding to buy a particular stock.

But even as a new comer, being able to pick up the phone and actually be able to reach someone to talk about a problem, issue, or concern is a great thing to be able to do. Another thing to keep an eye out for in any agreement before you sign them are all the small fine print details.

You want to check everything and re-read what all the agreement papers state. Sometimes you may stumble across something you simply cannot agree to and it is time to pass up that broker for another. But it is important to know some policies are blanketed across all brokerage firms due to laws.

Then you have your bare minimum Penny Stock Brokers who are primarily Internet based to keep prices down. While support can actually be pretty good, you may have a better feeling with going with retail firms who have the multiple offices spread around. I am sure that you are able to find a suitable company to go with for penny stock trading, there is one out there tailor fit for your needs. - 31970

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