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By Peter Skonctue

What would you give for a job that earned you well over $5,000 for a single day's work? If it seems like making that kind of money is a dream you will never live, it's time to stop dreaming and get to work. You might not hit the lottery or have a rich aunt leave you millions of dollars, but you can make that kind of money on your own.

Now is not the time to be lounging in front of the TV hoping to somehow get lucky. You are never going to magically get rich and winning the lottery happens for very few people. Since we are suffering through what experts are now calling a global financial crisis, you have to take your future in your own hands and make your own dreams come true.

With day trading, you can live out your dreams despite our difficult financial times. Companies are being forced to downsize right now and millions of people are losing their jobs. Everyone is suffering, but that doesn't mean we should all sit back and let it happen. You can do something about your own problems and continue to make money, even if finding a 9 to 5 job is more difficult today than ever before.

Day trading is simply one of the forms of stock trading. You probably don't know a lot about it right now, but it is rather simple to get a basic feel for what a day trader does. The good news is you don't need to be an expert in everything about the field in order to successfully start your path as a day trader.

The basic definition of stock trading is the buying and selling of stocks, futures, options, or currencies on the stock market. That essentially is what a day trader does as well, but with one catch. A day trader will buy and sell everything on the same day. So, they never hold it for long periods of time.

This means that a day stock trader refrains from holding the stocks he has purchased that day for a few days or even just until the next day. In fact, some day stock traders actually prefer "scalping", which means they sell off their stocks just minutes after they have bought them. So essentially, day trading is sort of a highly accelerated version of stock trading.

That should give you a good idea of what a day trader is, so let's see what it means for you.

If you are considering a future in day trading, you have to get your finances in order first. Most professionals are now saying that a day trader needs at least $20,000 on hand just to get started in the business.

Once your financial matters are cleared and you have the cash to start as a day trader, you will need to find a good online site to trade through. Since day trading is so fast paced, you will need to do your trades electronically. There are a few websites that make it easy for someone like you to get started:,, and

Before you choose which site to sign up for, however, you should at least do some research about how the site works and what fees they might charge you with for using their site. There is nothing more annoying than having to pay for hidden fees that just might surprise the daylights out of you and dampen the joy of having earned some profit in stocks after an anxiety-ridden day of trading. Forewarned is forearmed after all.

You also need to start learning about stock trends before you begin day trading. Some people can afford to just jump in the game and risk losing everything, but not everyone can do that. If you don't have time to learn by your losses, you need to do some scouting and start looking into stock trends. This will help guide your first trades so you have a higher chance of being successful.

Practice a little caution when buying stocks so you don't end up losing your capital before you even know how to properly do day trading. However, you should also keep in mind that going into stock trading is naturally risky and so you should not be overly cautious. Moreover, do not think that by observing stock trends and having the latest stock picks is a foolproof way of making you rich. A lot of people end up becoming extremely disappointed because they were sure that they were going to get rich in stock trading but actually did not. So to save yourself from unnecessary heartaches, prepare yourself for losses as well as gains. - 31970

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