Successful Day Trading - It Is Not Ease But You Can Do It

By Peter Skonctue

For some day traders, it doesn't seem to matter which direction the markets are going; they manage to make a profit either way. In good times or bad, clever traders can always do successful day trading.

So what do these successful traders know that the average trader doesn't know? How do they continue to keep their stock trading profitable, regardless of what the market is doing?

There are some things which are common to those who have learned successful day trading; keep reading to find out what these traits are:

Understanding the Market

Successful traders know how that the NASDAQ and other indices show only the direction of the market as a whole. At any given time, there are plenty of individual stocks which are moving in the opposite direction.

Even when the index is trending downwards, there will be stocks which are on the rise; and by the same token, there are always individual stocks which are declining as the index rises.

The message here is that in any market, a clever trader can pick stocks which are moving against the trends and make profitable trades even as the index is headed downwards.

Risk Tolerance

Knowing how high of a degree of risk you're willing to assume is important to being able to make a successful trading career. If you take your day trading cues from someone who is far less risk averse than you, it's all too easy to wind up making trades which result in you taking on a lot more risk than you would like.

The same thing is true of listening to advice from well-meaning friends and family who have much lower risk tolerance levels to your own. While they may see what you're doing with stock trading to be 'too risky' for their own preferences, you may be happy with the levels you've accepted. Always base your stock trading strategies within your own risk tolerance levels.

Continuing Education

Choosing a hot stock pick based on the advice of someone else is never a great strategy for successful trading. Always take time to learn a little about the company behind the stock you intend to trade and base your stock trading decisions on the information you learn for yourself. The more you learn about how to analyze the trends of whichever stocks you're trading, the more likely it will be that you'll increase your day trading profitability.

Lose The Greed Mentality

Truly successful stock trading means not allowing greed to get in the way of your day trading strategy. If your chosen stocks have made their profit, sell up and realize the profits. You can always buy back into the market at a later point, but you can't always guarantee a profit unless you lock it away with a sell-trade order.

Newcomers to day trading often make the mistake of not listening to the very sound advice they give themselves. These traders may tell themselves that they'll sell once their stock reaches a particular price - but once the price exceeds this point, they let greed take over and as often as not, end up losing money on their trade.

Be Prepared to Cut Losses

Once the price of a stock you're trading starts to drop, successful day traders know that this is a sign that it's time to get out and cut their losses before things get any worse. Experienced traders will make sure that this happens by setting a stop-loss order to keep themselves from losing money on a stock whose value continues to fall.

Stop-loss orders are something which new traders often forget to use. Instead of being able to cut their losses and move on, they watch in dismay as their stocks fall lower and lower, hoping that their value will rise. These traders often end up with a huge loss instead of a minor setback.

Remove Emotion

A successful stock trading business is not an emotional venture. You need to learn to view your buying and selling as nothing more than a business transaction. Remain objective about the stocks you've chosen and stick firmly to your trading strategy. No matter what your heart or your gut instincts are screaming at you, run your trading business with your head. If your strategy says you should sell your stocks at a predetermined profit margin, then follow your strategy.

Day Trading Program

Successful day trading can often depend on the trading platforms and stock analysis software you're using. While it's still possible to make good profits using only your stock broker's trading platform, as your trading business profits grow you should consider using automated software that can help you track and monitor the movements of many stocks at once. Some software can offer the ability to create pricing signals using charts of pricing movements, which are able to send you a buy signal and a sell signal based on trends for each individual stock you're trading. - 31970

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