Finding The Safest Investments For Your Money In 2010

By Kent Jackson

Individuals are on the lookout for investments that offer the highest interest, at a time when the health of the economy is very weak, and the news from the stock market is not much better. People are feeling nervous about the trends of financial investments, and they are having trouble finding secure places for their money. If asked, most individuals will tell you that they would choose a safe investment over one offering a higher interest rate. So, if you find yourself in this position, what other alternatives are available besides an interest checking or savings account?

Today's most secure investment is likely an FDIC insured bank CD, which is guaranteed, in actuality, by the United States government. The FDIC failing to insure your CD would only happen in the event of a complete U.S. government collapse, which means that it is highly unlikely that your money is in any jeopardy. It is too bad, though, that certificates of deposit are currently at an all time low rate of 1% currently.

But, surprisingly, you do not always get the best interest rate by choosing a CD with the longest term. You may notice that a bank's rate for a 15-year or 30-year CD is actually lower than the rate for shorter term investments. And special promotions may get you the best rate for a shorter term CD.

These low rates really hurts all the people that need interest income to help them get by which are often retired people and seniors. It may be advisable for young people to invest in stocks and other vehicles that have some risk and can give a better rate of return but not older people. This is because young people have a long time horizon and can withstand market fluctuations but older people need to have their money available at all times.

Other safe options are to buy Treasury bills or just keep cash. T-bills are paying even less than CD's though, and you are almost loaning your money to the U.S. government for free. You might decide to not invest it in anything and just keep cash but then inflation is going to eat away the value of your money. It is a difficult time for everyone right now with this horrible economy and dire financial situation. - 31970

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