Looking Into Trend Following Indicators

By Gery Lermann

Looking into trend following indicators which is a way that people will use to invest in the stock market. This strategy will be used to compare how stocks have done in the past, the trend of ways they have moved on the stock market.

Basically a way of watching the way the market moves and investing based on those past movements of certain stocks. Use of not only the current market price, but averages for moving, and breakouts will be used to figure out what to do.

When traders do this type of method they will not be forecasting the stocks and what is going to happen. Instead they are simply following a trend that has been shown in the past. Looking to the current prices of the stock, equity levels and what the market's current volatility. Those are the main components that will be used by the trader when using this method.

This type of method will be used only after the stock has established a trend. In other words not on a new stock that hasn't yet established any type of trend to it. Price will be one of the main considerations in this method. A person who trades through this method may use indicators to figure out which way the stock will go next.

Also how much will be traded during the trend will need to be figured out as well. If the market is at high volatility though trading will most likely be reduced in order to cut the losses on the trades. If you use trend following indicators, price and time are always going to be very important.

Using trend following indicators will allow you to answer the questions that follow. How to enter the market and at what time, the amount of shares you going to trade at each time. Money you will spend on each trade, cutting losses when it's not profitable, and how to handle a profitable trade. - 31970

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