Option Trading : Steps to Success 2

By Donald Scott

Hi there investors. I hope I find you doing well today, and that your portfolio is seeing consistent returns. This article on successful option trading is number two in a series of six. Each article is accompanied by a video, and I highly recommend you to watch them all.

One very important step in becoming a better options trader is to spend ample time back testing. Currently there are just a few option software programs on the market that can help you achieve this task, but back testing is worth your time. I personally learned a lot by using Optionvue as well a Think or Swim to back test my option strategies. Although, the previously mentioned software's are very good, San Jose Options has just released a new type of back testing tool called the Options Toolkit. This back tester saves you a lot of time when compared to any other options that testing software.

Option Trading : Steps to Success

For example, it used to take me one hour to back test one year of trading a Condor in the Optionvue software. Using Thinkorswim it's a little bit faster. Now, in comparison, to do the same job and actually gather more organized data, it takes about 2 seconds to back test one year in the Options Toolkit. It's really phenomenal.

Another step that each option trader must take before finding success is simply trading for many years. Experience is what we call it. The reason that an option trader needs to trade for so long is because the stock market is constantly changing, and in order to see the many faces of the market, we need to trade for many years.

Paper trading is also a great way to learn how to trade options. Again, you can simply open an account at Think or Swim or almost any of their options broker and get a free paper trading account to practice with. Although it might be difficult, it's actually very important to paper trade for at least six months to a year. As mentioned before it's very important to have experience over time, and paper trading is one way to acquire experience without risking any money.

Lastly, I would like to say that it's very important to keep about 25% of your capital in cash. This is because the best option strategies require adjustments, and to make these adjustments, you will need extra cash. It's very dangerous to use up all of your spending money in your trading account. Every successful option trader leaves plenty of money in cash to make adjustments, to lock in profits and to be able to manage their portfolio as needed. - 31970

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